Reveal FAQs

What is the price for Reveal embedded analytics?

We are committed to having transparent, friction-free pricing so you can reach an unlimited number of users on any device. No need to worry about usage fees or back–end capacity metering costs – know exactly what you’ll be paying without any surprises. Request more information here

What APIs does Reveal SDK support?

Reveal embedded analytics supports standard JavaScript, Angular and React for Web. Also support WPF and WinForms for Windows.

What data connectors do you support?

Amazon Redshift, Box, Dropbox, Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, Google Drive, Hubspot, Microsoft Analysis Services, Microsoft Azure Analysis Services, Microsoft Azure SQL Databases, Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, OData Feed, OneDrive, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Quickbooks, REST API, Salesforce, Sharepoint, Sybase, Web Resource, JSON files, Spreadsheets.

Does processing occur on the client or cloud for web?

For Web Data loading and processing occur in the Cloud server. For Windows and Mobile, processing occurs client side on the device.

How does embedding work?

Reveal embedded analytics is a completely standalone solution for both Web and Windows. There is no dependency or requirement for a dedicated server. In Web, the host app utilizes a server-side component to load and process data for dashboards and a set of JavaScript API for the client side. The embedding app developer has a rich API to control loading data, providing credentials, enabling/disabling functionality, and handling end-user interaction with each visualization.

Reveal embedded analytics includes both dashboard viewing and creating/editing capability.

How protected is my data?

All sensitive information and cached data is encrypted. The dashboard file does not include any data or authentication information.

Will Reveal SDK work in a multi-tenant environment?


Can I access the source code to the software?

No, but it will be in escrow to protect your purchase

Where is my data in the cloud?

Reveal Cloud server is hosted in Microsoft Azure. Embedding Apps can be hosted in any Cloud solution that supports ASP. Net core.

Can I allow my customers to edit/create dashboards?

Yes, in all platforms

How many applications can I embed Reveal into?

The pricing presented on our site is per application – contact us to discuss embedding in multiple applications

What are the requirements for installing the Reveal SDK?

The Reveal SDK requires .NET version 4.6.1+ and Visual Studio 2015 or up.

Where can I find the Reveal SDK?

You can download the Reveal SDK right from our website at

Is support included with Reveal SDK?

Yes – Reveal embedded analytics comes with Standard Support for 5 Devs. We also offer Priority support. To learn more about Priority Support contact us here.

What is the Reveal SDK License Agreement?

To review our license agreement, you can read it here.

Why is Reveal changing to Slingshot?

Slingshot is a digital workplace that connects everyone you work with to data–organizes projects, content and chats–to boost team results. Having access to data to make better, faster decisions has always been a core strategy of ours. That is why all the functionality that you have today inside of Reveal is embedded inside Slingshot.

In addition to the dashboards, you have today in Reveal you can now unlock access to project management, team and cross-department collaboration and much much more.

Upgrade to Slingshot today!

What happens to Reveal?

Reveal will remain our product and brand for embedded analytics. Reveal is a business intelligence SDK that enables software companies to transform data into embedded dashboards, visual analytics and business intelligence into their applications.

How do I get my dashboards from Reveal to Slingshot?

Upgrading to Slingshot is as simple as logging in!

Just be sure to use the same email that you use to sign in with Reveal. You will see all of your workspaces and dashboards when you sign in.

Does Slingshot have all the same features as Reveal?

And then some!

Slingshot comes packed with all the same features that you have today in Reveal – you aren’t losing anything. You are, however, gaining a lot more value. You will now have project management, content organization and collaboration all within the same application that you are gaining insights from your analytics.

To get a product tour of Slingshot check out our video

What if I do not want to use Slingshot?

Slingshot is our vision to revolutionize the digital workplace. By integrating data, tasks, content, chat and goals and strategies all in one intuitive application you and run high performing teams.

You don’t need to use all the amazing features Slingshot has to offer and can continue to use only data and dashboards inside the product.

The next release of Slingshot is coming with even more analytics functionality – such as a full data catalog inside!

When do I stop using Reveal?

The final day to use the Reveal app instance will be March 9th 2022. But, there is nothing stopping you from moving right now! Go log into Slingshot today.

What If I need help upgrading and have questions?

Our Product Owner, Casey McGuigan, is hosting a special webinar for all our Reveal users so you can see a demo, ask questions and make the upgrade as seamless as possible. You can also reach out to her directly at