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Reveal Is One of the Highest Performing Embedded Analytics Software According to G2 Crowd

In this whitepaper, we are going to focus on G2’s latest report on Embedded Analytics Intelligence vendors – the category in which our product Reveal has been rated as one of the leading embedded analytics products on the market scoring a satisfaction rate of 4.8 out of 5.

Top Software Development Challenges for 2022

Reveal Survey Report: Top Software Development Challenges for 2022

To find out what obstacles faced developers in 2021 and reveal their future challenges, we surveyed 2,015 software developers and IT professionals to determine their biggest pain points, challenges, and areas for growth.

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Gartner® Market Guide for Embedded Analytics

“Organizations’ transition to the cloud and hybrid cloud environments has introduced speedy advancement in container technology and microservices architectures — common characteristics of cloud software and composable architectures. The combination of embedded and composable analytics will enable organizations to create best-of-breed applications.” – Gartner

Whitepaper: Trends in Software Development and Analytics

Survey Report 2021: Trends in Software Development and Analytics

While 2020 proved to be a challenging year, it yielded positive outlooks for 2021 and beyond. Explore current trends highlighting tech industry thriving, analytics growth and increased adopttion of embedded analytics and machine learning.

Use Data Storytelling to Turn Insights into Action

Storytelling is powerful. Combine it with data and you see trends, opportunities, and issues in new ways. Learn how Gartner’s new data storytelling model and easy-to-use self-service BI software provide exciting ways to stimulate innovative business thinking.

Latest Trends in Embedded Analytics 2019

The embedded analytics market is growing quickly as newer BI software helps fuel a data-driven mindset. Which applications are most popular for embedding analytics? What are the key benefits for app development teams? Read our newest report that shares insights from 478 software developers, IT managers and CIOs.