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Latest Trends in Embedded Analytics 2019

The embedded analytics market is growing quickly as newer BI software helps fuel a data-driven mindset. Which applications are most popular for embedding analytics? What are the key benefits for app development teams? Read our newest report that shares insights from 478 software developers, IT managers and CIOs.

Whitepaper: Embedded Analytics - Buy vs Build

Embedded Analytics Can be Powerful for Apps – But Should You Buy or Build Them?

For small, fast projects, building your own analytics may make sense. But to enhance your app with beautiful visualizations that run native across all platforms and that will be professionally maintained for years, think buy.

Reveal Whitepaper: Creating a Data-Driven Culture with Embedded Analytics

Creating a Data Driven Culture with Embedded Analytics

The role of data and analytics is changing from being a standalone discipline to one that is helping to drive digital transformation. Find out why a data driven culture matters and the 7 building blocks to creating one.

Reveal Whitepapers: Best Practices for Creating Compelling Visualizations

Best Practices for Creating Compelling Visualizations

Tell your data story with eye-catching visualizations. Learn which charts best communicate your message, how to combine colors, and how features of modern data analytics programs let you build intuitive, concise, and powerful dashboards.